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Terence the 4th

This time i decided to take my time…even though i already knew that was the theory, for some reason i must have thought i could take shortcuts. i also don’t know whether its possible to leave any particular stage for too long so was worried about that. as i go on i’m sure i’ll learn more about the boundaries.

Terence the 4th was made with extra strong wholemeal flour. the main things i did that i think had an impact on the final bread were:

I left lots of time at each stage

I waited until the dough had risen A LOT at each stage, i didn’t make any other assumptions ort take any shortcuts – i.e. I started to use my senses about whether it was ready to move on or not (in all honesty, all the websites and blogs i read did tell me to do tat in the first place…) .

I kept the dough sticky

I didn’t add too much flour, or use lots of flour to make it easier to work. in the past i have ended the kneading with quite clean hands, but now they end up covered in sticky dough!

The Recipe

The recipe i’m using is River Cottage Sourdough. For me (and for Terence) i am using a bit less flour to keep the dough stickier.


Thursday morning – make the sponge
Thursday night – mix additional flour and knead, putting in the fridge
Friday morning – knock back the dough and knead (i know i’m not supposed to knead at this stage but i had forgotten the salt at the previous stage! it didn’t seem to affect the final loaf but i won’t be doing it again in the future), then back in the fridge.
Friday evening – out of the fridge to actually allow it to rise.
Friday night – cook
Saturday – eat with homemade parsnip and celeriac soup! lovely.


The bread is great, the sourdough taste is definitely there, it is lighter than the previous loaves and the crust is nice and chewy (and its edible to boot). I’m going to try this one again again exactly the same to check the timings, then try some other breads.


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