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Squash and Blue Cheese Pizza

Lucy took the helm for tonights dinner and decided to cook a squash and blue cheese pizza with sage and rosemary.

The recipe initiated in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingsalls latest book River Cottage Veg Every Day! – a partner book to his last tv series where he attempted to become vegetarian over a summer to see what he could learn. Being peseta rain myself, I was very pleased that someone was there on national tv showing people how easy and enjoyable vegetarian food can be.

Anyway, i digress. The pizza was amazing and relatively simple as well. Th base was made from a mix of plain flour and extra strong canadian wholemeal flour leftover from sourdough recipes. We had enough dough and ingredients to allow for 2 pizzas, one for dinner and then one for lunch the next day. Winner! Im hoping we can make pizza one of our lunch staples for this year..

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