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Bento-Style Mammoth Cook-a-thon

Since i started reading the Just Bento Blog a few years ago i have really changed the way i approach my lunch. Although i do sway and go through phases of cooking proper Japanese Bento food and various other things, there are a lot of Bento principles that can be taken on board when thinking about cooking in general.

Some of the principles are:

  • keep a stash (fridge or freezer-based ready cooked foods)
  • cook some things quickly in the morning, it really isn’t that much hassle.
  • keep a range of tupperware / bento boxes for different kinds of meals.
  • small portions of many things is more filling than large portions of one thing.

There is a lot more to bento than i can explain in one blog post so check it out for yourself if you want to know more. Anyway, i digress…

Tonight i decided to cook cook cook. I get this urge every few months where i just cook solid after work. It probably has something to do with taking my mind off work and doing something creative- but also ties in with my hatred of throwing away food, and trying to use up stock cupboard items and fridge items that aren’t going to last forever!

Tonight’s cookathon included (in order of appearance):

  • Sourdough Spelt Pita (adapted from this recipe)
  • Parsnip, Carrot, Potato Hash Browns (adapted from this recipe)
  • Borlotti Bean Hummus (adapted from this recipe)
  • Caramelised Beetroo  / Spinach & Yoghurt (from here)
  • Potato Salad with Capers & Spring Onion

Should give us a really good stock of food for our lunches over the next few days. Lovely.

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