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Rye Wholemeal Spelt Loaf

Another loaf from Terence. I am still searching for my ‘go to’ sourdough recipe which i can learn off by heart and doesn’t take days to make – one that i can begin with and experiment from as a base.

I thought i’d turn to The Fabulous Baker Brothers’ recipe, which seemed simple and only had a couple of stages to it. See the original recipe here. I varied it slightly – primarily because i only had rye, spelt and wholemeal bread flour in. I used 50% spelt, 25% wholemeal and 25% rye and it turned out lovely. I used a standard loaf tin as a baneton (half the recipe in each), and a large le creuset roasting dish as a baking stone. and the loaf came out looking rather similar to a ciabbata. All-in-all i’m pleased with the results.

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