The Bear Chef

Cooking and other Food Stuff


I have two keen interests: bears and cooking. I have always love cooking and think thats more people should cook more often. It really is easy and adaptable to anyones lifestyle whether you have much time or not. The results are not only about eating good food but at amazingly satisfying for the soul.

I firmly believe in the process of food, and that we should all understand where our food comes from and how it gets to be on our plate. If we know this and make food decisions based on knowledge then we are being true to ourselves – if we ignore this and hide from certain food truths then we are only lying to ourselves.

Another series of topics that have gained my attention over the last few years are those that centre around the community of food and sharing which seem to naturally couple with artisan or historical techniques. Processes such as seed-sharing, sourdough starters, preserving and fermentation all have a certain natural appeal. I have always been drawn to these techniques but have only recently noticed that they all come from a similar central thought – one which I find hard to rationalise into a simple phrase.

Hopefully, amongst other things, this blog will help me to continue my food adventures and to learn more about the principles of food that drive me, or at the very least if it helps me to remember when the lime pickle will be ready to eat the it has done a good tng.

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