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Lime and Coconut

After my New Years Eve Mexican Fiesta party i had a whole load of limes and coconuts leftover. Slightly ironic, since Coconut by Harry Nilsson was my midnight record that blew up my sound system…

Today (my birthday), i thought i’d begin putting those aforementioned limes and coconuts to good use.

Lime Pickle

I started making lime pickle according to this recipe. It seemed pretty thorough and i like the mix of spices used:

Lime Pickle from

I’ll keep you posted as it moves on its 5-week journey. I didn’t realise how much space 16 limes would take up and so was aiming to make 12 batches. i’ve now decided just to make 1 batch but split it in half to make ‘medium’ and ‘hot’ versions.

Coconut Milk

I have a craving for curry, and a hatred of food waste so began opening, dissecting and skinning the coconuts to make coconut milk. All the recipes i found seem to have a pretty straightforward way of making Coconut Milk:

  1. open the coconut, make sure they are not rancid (2 out of 6 of mine were so they got binned)
  2. discard (or drink) the coconut juice
  3. chop the flesh, removing the brown skin
  4. put into a blender and cover with boiled water
  5. blend
  6. put into a muslin and then drain, squeezing out all the liquid
  7. store the liquid – this is coconut milk

I also used the remaining blitzed coconut and dried out in the oven to make my own dessicated coconut for future use (half of which was later used on a birthday gingerbread house by lucy along with an excess bundle of  pinata and xmas sweets)

Apparently in a couple of days, the coconut milk will separate and give me coconut cream but i’m going to try to use it all by then.

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