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Lime-Coloured Coconut

Er, so I went into the cupboard tonight and found that my homemade dedicated coconut was quite green. The only explanation I can think of is that I simply didn’t dry it out enough in the oven.
At least some of it got used on the snowy gingerbread house before it was ruined.

Third Time (un)lucky

Still struggling with the timings. This third loaf was split into two and put into a tin.

I ran into quite a few issues this time. Namely:

  • forgot to put the salt in
  • didn’t prove it very long in the third stage
  • didn’t adjust the baking time for the smaller loaves.

unfortunately, it was baked for some xmas day canapes and was pretty much impossible to cut by that time so we used some part-baked rolls instead…

Terence’s First Son

At the early hours of this morning i returned home after a big night out and bake Terence’s first loaf. Unfortunately, from a mix of too much alcohol, tiredness from work and maybe other factors, he didn’t make it. I woke up on the sofa a couple of hours after putting him in the oven to find him burnt to a big black ball.

No good.

I must try to get my timings down, sourdough seems simple in idea but complicated in trying to fit it around a busy life.

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